Timelapse with Real Time

I’m going to be working on a time-lapse/hyper-lapse of Manchester over the coming weeks. I’m looking to progress my skills and try and use new techniques. Something that interested me was time-lapse with real time. This doesn’t seem to be a very well documented technique. The idea, just incase its not obvious, is time-lapse background with a real time person or subject in the foreground.

I tried this technique whilst out for a walk in the peak district with house mate Luke. Its a very short test so you might need to watch it twice! I do realise that he looses some of his right knee at a point in the clip, but I’d rendered out the file when I realised and as it was just a test didn’t think it mattered!


Aerial Photography

Here’s a couple of photos I took last week in Salford, using my DJI phantom vision 2 plus. I then edited the DNG files in Adobe Photoshop and sky replaced them.


Sky replaced - Salford Church


If anyone is looking for files from a DJI phantom footage both video and DNG photo files I’d be more than happy to share my raw footage for test usage.

Something Ventured (2011)

This documentary shows the start up journeys and shares the stories behind some of the world’s most revolutionary companies. It interviews a handful of men who (through timing, foresight, a keen ability to size up other people, and a lot of luck) saw opportunity where others did not: these are the original venture capitalists. Its available on Netflix and I’d highly recommend watching it if your an Entrepreneur/aspiring Entrepreneur as it has loads of great tips and will give you some inspiration along the way!


The Mountain

I have visited Tenerife’s playa de las americas on a few occasions on family holidays for ‘a week in the sun’. I was very much under the impression that the only attraction to the island were all inclusive holidays with the promise of cheap alcohol and a sun tan.

I was therefore absolutely astonished to discover that one of my favourite Time-Lapse shorts was filmed on the same small island. Mount Teide is a place I have visited once as a child and don’t really remember much about it apart from a lot of sand something about it being a set for one of the star wars films. If like me you are sceptical of the true beauty of Tenerife, check this out!


Aerial Filming & Timelapse

After having an interest in Aerial Cinematography for a long while, I thought this summer I would invest in one of DJI’s products – The Phantom 2 Vision+.

After watching many youtube tutorials, scaring myself with a range of crashes people have posted and feeling very sceptical I’m not quite a confident. Heres a short piece I put together with some timelapse and aerials I’ve shot over the last few weeks;